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Hello & Welcome to my page, where the creativity never stops!


With my father in the Military we did a lot of relocating until the age of 6, when we moved to Cincinnati, OH. My creativity began as a young child through drawing and painting.  I feel that I owe this to my mother, as well as thanks for always telling me when I was bored to “find something constructive to do”.   She used to sit in her sewing room and sew or crochet for hours at a time and of course, I was always right there, looking over her shoulder.


My mother taught me how to sew when I was a teenager and I actually made my first quilt at age 19. I fell in love with it!!!  I started participating and selling my artwork at local shows during my early 20’s, and continued painting for several years while living in Houston, TX, where I was given the name Sunny by my co-workers and that nickname just stuck. When I moved to Austin, TX I started making beaded lanyards for my co-workers, which later evolved into jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets & rings) and thus began Sunnie Creations. When I moved back to Cincinnati, I began scrapbooking and making my own Christmas cards. My family & friends encouraged me to continue making greeting cards and even sell them with my jewelry! This is when Sunnie Creations blossomed at craft shows, meeting new people with the same passions as me, which of course helped expand my business & I became even more creative. In addition to sewing, painting, jewelry & scrapbooking, I now have been proficiently crocheting for over 10 years &  I recently started felting.


Passions away from my business include being surrounded with nature, animals, movies, music, coffee, and of course My Awesome Husband & our Son!!  I love to take pictures as well as watch movies. I will go out of my way to get a great picture and capture moments of the beauty around us. I also enjoy gardening, canning and cooking….. I'm pretty eclectic as you can see.


I also sell on ebay as SunnieCreations11 since 2009. I continue to maintain top rated seller status for 100% customer satisfaction.

I started using essential oils when I was 16 years old and just recently in 2017 became a wellness advocate with doTERRA essential oils and I love it! Please contact me for your oild needs. 

I take pride in my work with my creations.  I love seeing the joy they bring to others, especially the ones who come to me with a problem that I can offer solutions to.  I want to continue to grow my business, not only at shows but also online. My webpage will be a place where people can purchase my items away from craft shows. Customers can message me, or click the Purchase here button which will send you to my email address and say “Hey, I need a necklace or purse that looks like this, but I want it in this color… or this pattern…or I need a solution for this”...& I say Yep… I’m your girl!! 


Please check back fo updates and do not hesitate to reach oit with any craft or essential oil question. 

Enjoy the moments and make each day epic



April Pendleton

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